For over 160 years, the Journal of the Louisiana State Medical Society has been providing valuable scientific articles and information to physicians. Established in 1844, the Journal is one of the oldest periodicals of its kind in the country, featuring scientific information on clinical trials and treatments. Originally founded as the New Orleans Medical and Surgical Journal, the publication was "devoted to the cultivation of medicine and the associated sciences." In 1953, the name was changed to the Journal of the Louisiana State Medical Society. No matter what the name, the Journal is not only true to its original cause, but it has adapted to meet the needs of today‚Äôs physician.
Continuing a proud tradition, the purposes of the Journal are to serve as a repository of articles of interest to physicians and to serve as a means of communication among the members of the Louisiana State Medical Society. In January of 1878, 80 physicians representing 15 Louisiana parishes gathered in New Orleans and formed an organization that would come to be known as the Louisiana State Medical Society (LSMS). Since its inception, the LSMS has worked for a singular purpose: to advance health care in the state of Louisiana. Currently, the LSMS boasts a membership of over 6,000 physicians, residents, and medical school students from 42 parish component societies.
For more information about the LSMS, please visit www.lsms.org.

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