A Müllerian Cyst Resected from the Posterior Mediastinum

Ronald Mowad, MD; Navdeep Singh Samra, MD; Vyas Rao, MD 

Differential diagnoses of mediastinal masses are often based on the anatomic locations. Traditionally the posterior mediastinum has been home to esophageal and neurogenic cysts, but a new entity has been found to be prevalent since its initial report in 2005: the Müllerian cyst. We present a 49-year-old with history of cough who was found to have such a mass. We will discuss the surgical outcome and the details of this interesting entity. The literature pertinent to this type of cyst will be evaluated. In all cases reported, the literature demonstrates that surgical removal results in uneventful follow-up with no evidence of malignancy or cyst recurrence.


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